1. What does it involve? Procedure to reshape the upper arm by reducing loose skin and fat deposits. May be performed in conjunction with Liposuction
2. How much time is taken? 2 hours
3. Does it need Anaesthesia ? G A
4. How much is recovery time? Rest for two weeks. Resume exercise in three to six weeks
5. What are risks involved? Asymmetry, irregular scar formation, infection, numbness and complications related to anaesthesia in some rare cases
6. How long the results last? Permanent, if weight is maintained. Again may affect the results

Arm Reshaping (Brachioplasty)

Brachioplasty is the surgical removal of fat cells by Liposuction.

Brachioplasty does not take the place of a diet. If someone is obese, gains and loses weight frequently, or has an eating disorder, he or she is not a candidate for Brachioplasty.

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