1. What does it involve? A surgical procedure performed to reshape the lower torso and upper legs, the belly, hips, back, buttocks and/or thighs. May be performed in stages rather than in one surgical session.
2. How much time is taken? 6 hours
3. Does it need Anaesthesia ? G A
4. How much is recovery time? Rest needed for four to six weeks. Strenuous activity after six to twelve weeks
5. What are risks involved? Bleeding, infection, fluid collection, nerve damage, skin loss, asymmetry, irregular scar formation, blood clots and complications related to anaesthesia, in some rare cases
6. How long the results last? Permanent, as long as weight remains stable
7. What else I need to know? Body lifts are one of the fastest-growing areas of plastic surgery due to the increasing number of gastric bypass patients losing massive amounts of weight. Surgery is best performed once weight loss has reached a plateau.

Body Lift

Loose sagging skin just does not look good and gets in the way of normal activities or movement. Aging pregnancy,certain genetic skin conditions, and major weight loss can result in lax hanging tissues.

Excess skin and fat are removed, the stomach muscle wall tightened, and the Superficial Fascia Suspension System (SFS) resuspended.

The body is three dimensional. When the problem extends around the body, Body Lift Surgery can addresses loose drooping tissues circumferentially. Body Lift Surgery often involves several stages to address the entire body: Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift, Arm Lift, Upper Body Lift among other sculptures. ebsite is but an introduction to what we have to offer at Bermant Plastic Surgery. We take our patient's education, sculpture, after care, and comfort very seriously.

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