1. What does it involve? Chin, jaw or cheek implants are designed to improve or enhance facial contours. These are usually made of porous or solid artificial implants.
2. How much time is taken? Approximately 2-3 hours
3. Does it need Anaesthesia ? Local with intravenous sedation or general
4. How much is recovery time? Return to work within a week, depending on number and type of implants and whether insertion is combined with any other cosmetic procedure. Avoid strenuous activity for three to four weeks
5. What are risks involved? Infection, shifting of implant and complications related to anaesthesia, in some rare cases

Facial Implants (Chin, Cheek and Jaw)

Facial Implants to add volume to an area that lacks it, and give the face a more balanced look. Facial Implant can help you balance disproportionate facial features, strengthen a weak jaw line, or accentuate your cheekbones to create a more youthful appearance.Facial implants are designed for augmentative, reconstructive or rejuvenative purposes.

There are many implants available, manufactured from a variety of materials.Facial implants come in a variety of sizes, materials and shapes.

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