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2007 International symposium in Aesthetic Lasers, Mumbai, India
2006 International conference/ Workshop on Ultracontour Technology, Athens, Greece
2000 British Association of Plastic Surgeon annual meeting, London.
1999 BAPS Flap in Breast & trunk reconstruction course, London.
1999 Rhinoplasty course, London.
1998 Lower Limb Trauma : Combined Management Course, London.
1998 Rhinoplasty Symposium, Norwich.
1997 A-O Hand Course, Derbyshire.
1997 Canniesburn Flap Course, Glasgow..
1996 BAPS Advance Course in Plastic Surgery Breast and Trunk Reconstruction, Cambridge.
1996 Microsurgery Course, Northwick Park Institute, London.
1995 International Symposium in Plastic Surgery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
1993 International Symposium in Trauma and Burns, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
1987 International Symposium on Breast Cancer, Delhi, India.

Thesis for MS (Gen Surg) 1986
Comparison of the Lord’s operation with Jaboulay’s and Sharma & Jhaber’s operation in the management of vaginal hydrocele.
M Kumar and GS Rao
Treatment of Partial Loss of Helix
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 104 : 297, July 1999
M Kumar, R De Bono and B C Sommerlad
Metastatic Malignant Melanoma Of Unknown Primary Site : A Case of a Possible Primary Declaring Itself Eighteen Months After The Secondaries
British Journal of Plastic Surgery, 51 : 258, April 1998
M Kumar and N R Gaze
Prospective Study of results of circular excision and purse-string suture compared to conventional elliptical excision and direct closure. This is an ongoing study to which patients are being recruited. For submission to British Journal of Plastic Surgery.
M Kumar, J Blair and N S Niranjan
Distally based hypothenar flap - review of 7 cases
For submission to the British Journal of Hand Surgery
M Kumar, R Alvi and N R Gaze
Retrospective analysis of results of treatment of hidradenitis suppuritiva by Rigg’s operation. For submission to British Journal of Plastic Surgery.

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